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The purpose of the Shenandoah Haven is to help troubled teenage girls find direction in Jesus Christ and His Word.
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Students are required to commit to a one year program at the Haven. After that year, their situation is reviewed with the staff, parents and students to determine if the student will return home or continue forward.
The monthly tuition is $1000 and includes room, board, and schooling. There are additional costs such as yearly school registration, athletic fees, uniforms, spending money, and activity fees. These costs are covered during the application process.
The Haven provides only spiritual counseling with the Bible as our manual. Outside private counseling is also available at additional cost. We recommend not only personal counseling, but also family counseling as well.

After one month, each student is allowed to call home once a week unless otherwise deemed necessary by the staff. There are two school weeks a year when families can come and bring the girls home for a week. There is a two week break during the summer and a two week break at Christmas as well. This provides the student with 6 total weeks in a year home with family throughout the year. Visits to athletic, academic, and church activities are also available with permission, but the student must stay at the Haven facilities.

The number of students is constantly changing as some graduate or complete their stay. The average number of girls is normally around eight.
The Haven is set up like a normal home with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces. In 2014, we completed a beautiful $70,000 remodel of the house. The Haven looks and functions as closely as possible to a home setting. The staff cooks three wonderful meals a day and they also provide 24 hour supervision for the girls.