Our desire is to see these men and women in church faithfully after they get out of jail. We want to be a church that helps them to grow in the Lord and fulfill Gods calling on their life.

In 2015 God opened up the door for us here at Shenandoah to be able to go in to the pods at Bradley County Jail and minister to the inmates. We go each Tuesday at 3:00 pm and have services to encourage the saved and invite the lost to receive Christ as their personal savior. Each week we get to meet and impact the lives of many people who have reached the “hog pen” in their life, and are now ready to arise and return to the father. This has proved to be a very rich and profitable ministry as we have seen many people trust Christ as their savior and many more “return to the father” for fellowship once again.

Although preaching the salvation that only Christ can bring is the main thing, it’s not the only thing we do. Each week we take home prayer request given from the inmates and pray over them, asking God to help as only He can. We want the inmates to know that there is a church of people here in Cleveland that loves them and cares for them.