The local New Testament church has the responsibility to reach their area with the Gospel. This responsibility compels us to not just preach Christ in the church but also from house to house just as Paul did in Acts 20:20. We must take the Gospel to the lost!

The Seed Sowing Ministry of Shenandoah Baptist Church is the most important ministry of the church. This ministry could also be described as our soul-winning or door to door visitation program. In short, this ministry is the fulfilling of the great commission in our Jerusalem as Christ commanded in Acts 1:8. Below you will find an overview of this vital ministry.

Download or listen to this message by our Pastor about this ministry: Seed Sowing Ministry stream

The Purpose of the Seed Sowing Ministry

  • To Obey Christ Command – mark 16:15, matthew 28:19-20, acts 1:8
  • To Occupy Christ Stead – II corinthians 5:18-21
  • To Offer Christ Love – II peter 3:9, matthew 7:13
  • The Proclamation of the Seed Sowing Ministry – JESUS SAVES

  • Christ Loves You – john 3:16
  • Everyone Is A Sinner – romans 3:23
  • Sin Must Be Paid For – romans 6:23
  • Christ Died To Pay For Our Sins – romans 5:8
  • Christ Alone Can Forgive Your Sins – john 14:6, I john 5:12
  • The Pattern of the Seed Sowing Ministry

  • Sow Plainly – acts 26:22-23
  • Sow with Purpose – acts 26:27
  • Sow with Passion – psalms 126:6
  • The Priority of the Seed Sowing Ministry

    The Priority of the Seed Sowing Ministry is 1st place in any list of ministries. Sharing the Gospel is the lifeblood of the Church. Evangelism is the last and greatest command given to the local New Testament church. Our response to this command is paramount to our effectiveness for Christ.john 12:32, acts 1:8, mark 16:15, matthew 28:19-20

    The Plan of the Seed Sowing Ministry

  • Spontaneous Seed Sowing – acts 8:27-32, john 4:7-14
  • Systematic Seed Sowing – acts 20:20, luke 14:23, acts 1:8
  • Wednesday 4:00 pm – This is geared for teens but open for all
    Saturday 10:00 am – This is bus visitation time AND a Seed Sowing time

    The Preparation of the Seed Sowing Ministry

    Inspiration without education leads to frustration. The church must not only be used of God to inspire Christians to win souls, but the church must also equip Christians to win souls. Ephesians 4:11-12

    Through various times and to various groups, we will prepare Christians to be effective Seed Sowers by teaching Bible principles and mentoring. This commitment will include a soul winners training class.