Darkness demands Light

Even in an area saturated with Bible, there is darkness creeping in all around. In the day we live in, darkness is supplied. In turn, darkness is ignorantly demanded by young people who have not known a true walk with God. This next generation is constantly bombarded with things and pleasures that blind young people to the Light of Christ. Our enemy is cunning; he knows what tools to use on the hearts of young people to obscure their way to Christ. StandFast Bible Clubs offers a new chain of supply and demand. The supply is simply the Word of God. There is no greater product found than the Scripture. StandFast allows the Word of God to create a demand for Light. It’s amazing what happens when young people are silent long enough to hear the Word and allow it to grasp their attention. The darkness can be abolished as the Light of God’s Word is faithfully given it’s rightful place at the forefront of our lives. StandFast is another way for young people to hear God’s Word and be challenged to boldly live as a child of God ought to live.