Here at Shenandoah Baptist Church, we desire spiritual growth among our teens by fellowship and involvement and discipleship.

Each day, we make choices – to get out of bed, to eat, to work, to sleep. Making choices is part of life. Unfortunately, when it comes to spiritual choices, we are less inclined to make a bold choice. Faith in Jesus Christ is against our nature. Inside of every man is a void that can only be filled by Christ. However, also in man, is something called our sin nature or “the flesh”. The Bible says that the Spirit (God) battles the flesh (Satan) for control of a man. This is why there is difficulty in spiritual decision, the flesh just does not want to let go. It wants control. I want to do what I want to do and not be controlled by anyone or anything.

At the moment of salvation, the flesh loses and the Spirit wins. There is no greater life lived than a life wholly surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit. And yet, that battle between the flesh and the Spirit still rages on. Satan no longer has control of your eternity when you accept Christ as your Savior, but he can limit your effectiveness as a Christian. He’s lost the battle for your soul, but he can stop you from living a victorious, evangelistic Christian life. Young people, there is a spiritual battle first and foremost for your soul. Jesus Christ wants your heart, but the devil wants to keep it. Until you trust in Jesus for your eternity, Satan has won the battle.

When you trust Christ, He wants you to serve Him and enjoy a blessed, holy life. The world and the devil will try to discourage you, but there are places that you can “choose” to find encouragement. First, you can find it in His Word and daily study and then you can choose to fellowship with other believers. Here at Shenandoah Baptist Church, we desire spiritual growth among our teens by fellowship and involvement and discipleship. We pray that you will “Choose” to join us for a church service or an activity and find out what God is doing here among our teens. It’s something pretty amazing!

Here at SBC, we place an emphasis on connecting our teens with their local church. Our youth group is a ministry of Shenandoah Baptist Church and our teens get involved in numerous ways in their church. We want them to be connected to a home church when they graduate High School and not feel like they have “aged out” of church. We encourage and teach our teens to be faithful to church and become active members in it.

Youth Schedule

Sunday Schedule:

Teen Fellowship Group @ 9:45AM
Morning Worship Service @ 11:00AM
Evening Worship Service @ 6:00PM


Young Men’s Bible Study @ 10:00AM (Summer Only)

Wednesday Schedule (September – May)

Ready to Give an Answer @ 3:15-3:40PM
Door to Door Visitation @ 3:45-5:00PM
Dinner @ 5:00-5:45PM
Teen Choir Practice @ 5:50-6:40
Church @ 7:00PM