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Shenandoah Baptist Church is located in Cleveland, TN and is an Independent Baptist Church that is fundamental in its faith and practice. Our mission is to evangelize the lost while equipping and edifying the believer. We are located four miles East of the bypass on Waterlevel Highway. We serve the cities of Cleveland, Benton, Charleston, Calhoun, McDonald, and Riceville. Many of our families commute from the Chattanooga area. It would be an honor to have you visit us soon.

The church is also home to Shenandoah Baptist Academy , a traditional, Christian dayschool for K3-12th Grade. The Shenandoah Ranch Academy and Shenandoah Haven Academy are boarding schools for teenage boys and girls who are having problems at home and need structure and guidance in their life. These two ministries are located on different campuses.

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We are an Independent Baptist Church that is fundamental in both its faith and practice. We direct our own affairs under the authority of the New Testament Scriptures.

We believe in the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, and salvation by the Grace of God through faith. We stand on God’s word as presented in the Authorized King James Version Bible. Christ is the head of our church and the Pastor is the leader of the local church. We are premillennial and believe in the rapture of the church and the second coming of Christ

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